You provide critical care and support services at life’s most vulnerable and heartbreaking moments. We know you go to great lengths to provide a safe and comforting environment to all your residents. Despite all the precautions, training, and regulations when there is a fall or a death, families point the finger at you.  

One of the most common suits that long-term care and nursing homes face is when you gently break a resident’s fall. Unfortunately, this caring response goes against state regulations, leading to threats and lawsuits. This can hurt your reputation, lead to a revolving door of staff, and hinder your efforts to provide exceptional and compassionate care.


Your nursing home is a pillar in the community and you treat all your residents like family. We’ll do everything in our power to mitigate your risk, defend your reputation, and if necessary, try your case against frivolous and hyperbolic claims. If we do have to go to trial, you can rely on our extensive courtroom experience to deliver the most successful outcome. 

In addition to our stellar reputation as trial lawyers, our team of attorneys has also successfully represented long-term care and nursing homes before State, Administrative, and Regulatory Boards. We are thoroughly aware of the DHHS regulations and Medicare compliance regulations that you face.

Nursing Home Negligence

From slips and falls to medication errors, our team has the experience, depth, and insights to aggressively defend you. Our goal is to resolve your nursing home negligence claims to meet your definition of success.

While most cases do not go to trial, our attorneys’ experience in 75-plus jury trials means we are prepared when it does.

Intentional Torts, Abuse, and Duty to Defend Only

The vast majority of nursing homes and long-term care facilities will never face an intentional tort, abuse, or undue influence claim. But if you do you need serious, hands-on, and experienced attorneys to get you through the litigation process.

We have experience dealing with coverage issues in insurance policies, defending under a duty to defend only coverage limit, and negotiating complex settlements with multiple parties and rock-solid confidentiality agreements to protect your business and mitigate your risk.

Whistleblower, Fraud, and Employment Matters

From all levels of government and the regulatory bureaucracy, you face complex and ever-evolving regulations. We offer practical guidance to make sure you’re always in compliance.

We also defend you from whistleblower claims involving Medicare and Medicaid billing practices, administrative and medical licensing board matters, and coroner investigations as well.

Our attorneys bring a wealth of employment litigation and employment law experience to help you proactively mitigate your risks and defend your human capital management and human resource practices.

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We’re Here for You

Our firm understands the challenges you’re up against and we will fight to earn you the defense-oriented results you deserve.

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We Assess Your Case

Whether it’s a slip and fall or a whistleblower claim, you need aggressive attorneys who will quickly and efficiently evaluate your case. You deserve attorneys who will give you a clear plan and strategy moving forward, rather than endlessly billing you. We promise to assess your case early to give you the right information to make the right decision for you.

We Do the Work

While we are integral partners with you, we are the heavy lifters and compassionate counselors. We do the work in order to bring you peace of mind during a complicated and contentious process. As we gather the facts of your case and go through all the litigation steps, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

We Guide You to a Decision Point

You’ll receive expert guidance in settling your case or taking it to trial. Either way, our commitment to defend you, your business, no your reputation is resolute.

Get the Support You Need From Attorneys Who Will Gather the Facts and Back You Up in Court