As a medical provider, hospital, long-term care facility, allied health provider, or nursing home you spend your life caring for our communities and families. Your reputation and your practice mean everything to you and it means everything to us.

Medical Malpractice litigation is complex, contentious, and oftentimes catastrophic in its exposure threatening your practice, license, and reputation. We cut through the chaos and the complexity to aggressively defend you from baseless allegations.


Working in health care and hospital systems come with tons of risk. The last thing you need is a litigator who spends years telling you how defensible your case is only to pressure you into settling at the last minute, and then sending you a massive bill. 

We do things differently and provide you with the legal representation you deserve. Get the clarity and confidence that comes from retaining Nebraska and Iowa’s most experienced medical malpractice, long-term care, nursing home and health care trial lawyers.

Trial Experience Matters

Due to the allegations, implications and often catastrophic exposure involved, medical malpractice cases are tried at a much higher rate than other types of civil litigation.

The first question you should ask any attorney is how many jury trials they’ve completed to verdict. Our answer: We’ve tried 75+ jury trials to verdict across Nebraska and Iowa.

Defending the Standard of Care

You’ve spent your life working diligently to care for and serve others. When a medical malpractice suit is filed against you, our attorneys aggressively defend the standard of care.

From obstetricians and gynecologists to neurosurgeons and orthopedists, we’ve defended clients across the spectrum and had more than 100 medical malpractice lawsuits totally dismissed.

All-In-One Service

While medical malpractice is the core of what we do –– our experience defending health care facilities and professionals allows us to become integral business partners with our clients.

Trust us to handle: healthcare workers’ compensation claims; employment practices liability claims like sexual harassment and hostile work environments; the drafting of human resources policies to reduce exposure upfront; and much more.

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Work With Attorneys Who Truly Care

We’ve worked with tons of healthcare providers, so we know how belittling it can feel when your attorney puts your claims on the backburner. Our quick, passionate and proactive approach has proven successful over the last 15 years, as our firm’s attorneys have tried over 75 jury trials to verdict.

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We Give Your Case the Attention It Deserves

We relieve the headache and stress that comes from facing a medical malpractice lawsuit by meeting your needs. Because of the unique challenges and complexities of medical malpractice and nursing home litigation, we purposefully limit the number of cases assigned to each of our team members in order to make sure that your case never becomes just another file to bill.

You’re More Than Just a File

Too many law firms treat their medical malpractice files as a source of profit and years of revenue. Every single file we handle represents a provider, facility or individual and we never lose sight of that. We promise to move your case through the courts quickly and achieve rapid resolution by trial, dismissal without settlement, or on the rare occasion, a settlement.

We Integrate Into Your Team

From the courtroom to the boardroom we offer the full suite of services for health care providers and entities. Let us help you mitigate your risks, reduce your exposure, train your employees, and resolve your problems. Our team of experienced attorneys and dedicated staff are available to you day or night.

Every Case Matters. Every Single Time.